Why choose Aim High Dance Academy?

Aim High Dance Academy was established in 2010, offering a range of dance and gymnastic educational services, which over the years has expanded to cover a wide variety of sport, art and cultural activities.
Aim High Dance Academy is very successful, dominating dance across South London, working closely in partnership with the local authorities, councillors, schools, youth empowerment services and the wider community.
Under the direction of community inspiration Hayley Rea, the academy offers:

  • Weekly dance classes at four South London Branches
  • After School Clubs
  • Breakfast Clubs
  • Lunchtime Clubs
  • PPA cover School holiday workshops
  • Holiday camps and birthday parties
  • Career mentoring classes
  • CPD for teachers and professional qualifications
  • Healthy week workshop
  • award showcases, dance-a-thons and borough/school showcase
  • Work Experience placements
  • apprentice schemes and internships.

Aim High Dance Academy students are provided with many different exit route opportunities such as the ability to perform at festivals, dance & talent showcases, competitions, school assemblies, IDTA exams, TV performances, awards afternoon at City Hall.
The basic fundamental needs are provided such as DBS coaches, lesson planning, the ability to easily identify staff by their uniform, on-site sign in/sign out and fire/emergency evacuation knowledge.
Aim High Dance Academy services surpass other companies by offering additional high quality guaranteed flexible service; where your happiness comes from our ability to adapt our work structure to ensure we meet your school’s individual needs. The guaranteed, tailor-made service ensures Aim High coaches are flexible to your school’s needs, following and understanding your first aid procedures, your safeguarding procedures, risk assessments, late collection policy, school’s themes/values and overall objectives and liaising with office staff/family liaison to support those most vulnerable.

Why choose Dance?

Dance and gymnastics is a specialised subject, where most professionals have studied/trained all their lives. As dance is a requirement of the National Curriculum, we find dance is the subject which most teachers worry about. We specialise in dance so you don’t have to! Listed on the National Curriculum we believe it’s important to provide students with the best possible dance knowledge and for those teachers who cannot dance, this can be quite challenging, time-consuming and uncomfortable.

Untrained teachers can lead to wrong techniques being taught, in turn leading to a heightened risk for participants. We provide professional coaches to take this burden from the schools, at the same time providing CPD to teachers.

Dance provides many benefits and we often see those who struggle academically, exceed through dance. Our sessions encourage a healthy lifestyle where participants set a target and achieve physically. It is suitable for those who do not enjoy the standard conventional sports, as this sport provides the ability to be a team sport and individual sport. Dance improves student’s coordination, concentration and focus and provides an opportunity for them to express themselves. A wide variety of styles allows participants to discover a style comfortable for them.

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Aim High School Partnership Dance Styles

Street Dance – Our Street Dance sessions allow pupils to be creative and have fun while learning a variety of street dance techniques and movements all to some great music.

Breakdance – Students will enjoy this athletic sub-genre of street dance, performed to songs with drum breaks and lots of attitude.

Freestyle (Disco) – These sessions are great for dancers of all ages as they learn strong, flexible and energetic moves to disco music.

Creative – Our creative sessions allow students to build on themes and values found in the school’s curriculum. Please get in contact to arrange your custom planned workshops.

Musical Theatre (Glee Club) – Students will learn skills in all aspects of Musical theatre; singing, acting and dancing. They will combine these three skills and perform songs and scenes from some of the West End's biggest shows.

Tap – Our tap sessions will develop rhythm, technique and style as they learn a variety of tap steps and combine them to make exciting routines and performances.

Ballet – Our experienced team of teachers can teach everything from basic to advanced ballet techniques and performance skills. Our ballet classes will allow students to develop skills in musicality, flexibility and ballet posture. These sessions are based on the IDTA syllabus.

Modern Jazz – These sessions will teach students Jazz techniques combined with isolation movements. They will then learn energetic routines allowing them to perform with style and skill.

Cheerleading – Students will enjoy combing chants with movement as they learn exciting routines and techniques such as arm motions, jumps and chants

Jive – Our teachers can teach everything from Tango to Rumba and Salsa to Samba. This popular ballroom dance style will have students swing dancing their way through Latin-inspired songs.

Zumba – We know students will love combining fitness and dance in our Zumba classes influenced by Latin rhythms and steps.

Line Dancing – These sessions will allow students to socialise and build their teamwork skills through dance as they perform a sequence of steps performed in lines/rows. This is usually performed to country music, with movements and routines performed in a synchronized and sequential manner.

House Dance – This sub-genre of Street Dance has an emphasis on freedom, improvisation and powerful moves. Students will enjoy dancing to house music.

African – Students will dance to Afro style songs and gain a greater understanding of the sub-Saharan African culture from which this style derived.

Bollywood – Influenced by Indian films, culture and music, these sessions will give students the opportunity to learn about Indian culture and traditions through dance and singalong songs, incorporating head, body and neck movements alongside footwork.

Contemporary – These sessions are the perfect opportunity for students to express themselves and find creativity when dancing. Contemporary will allow them to explore their body as they discover fluid movements that are often very different from other dance styles.



Get involved in sports that let you build chemistry with your teammates and compete against others:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Dodge Ball
  • Netball
  • Tag Rugby
  • Futsal
  • Bench Ball
  • Handball
  • Tennis

Improve your skills and techniques as you develop your balance, strength, coordination, confidence and more!

  • Gymnastics
  • Funday/Social Skills
  • Choir
  • Karate
  • Ball Skills
  • Fun Language Club
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Aim High Dance Academy has offered The Pegasus Trust a variety of dance educational services for several years. Their coaches are reliable and committed and care about offering the children the best possible service. We feel Aim High Dance Academy offers valuable coaching, where their services adapt to our requirements, demonstrating a good variety of fun extra curriculum sessions and sessions where the children can develop and grow through dance/sport. We feel the academy goes above and beyond to make their classes part of a bigger picture, offering many different exit routes opportunities such as exams, shows, competitions etc.

School Extended Service Coordinator, Suzanne Christopher

My grandchildren have gained some amazing opportunities through Aim High, performing on TV, creating dance videos, performing in parliament, which is just naming a few! You can see the teachers really care about the children's developments and are great role models. I’m amazed how Hayley always knows every child and the children really enjoy seeing her as she always gives them praise.

Grandmother at Aim High

I like dancing because it makes me feel good -

Dancer at at Aim High, Vanessa

I was really nervous doing an exam but then I’m glad I did it as I passed and my mum was proud of me.

Dancer at Aim High, Abeena

Aim High makes me feel happy. The music’s cool, Miss Hayley make me laugh. The best bit is when we all put our hands in the middle Shout 1, 2, 3, AIMHIGH!

Dancer at Aim High LouLou

Since joining Aim High I’ve noticed his confidence has grown, the teachers have even noticed it at school and it’s great to see he’s made new friends’.’

Parent at Aim High, Arthur

My child loves attending Aim High Dance Academy every Friday. She talks about it the whole week and I can’t stop her from dancing all weekend.

Parent at Aim High, Michelle

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